People come first… Our clients and our people.

Our passion is helping people

For our clients – we want to help them discover solutions to their challenges and help their organizations be extraordinarily successful!

For our people – we are investing in developing a consulting team culture which includes:

  • a dedication to their craft and a team that wants to have impact in their assignments against mission and client outcomes
  • individuals that exceed client expectations leading to job satisfaction
  • people excited about having fun and developing meaningful relationships
  • a consulting team focused on their personal growth and advancing their careers

Focused on Discovery

eureka measures its success in discovering solutions to hard problems through the eyes of their client.

  • We are focused and committed to working directly with our clients until their task, assignment or mission is completed in a way that exceeds their expectations

Consulting driven

eureka is focused on providing expert advice and contributing to the client’s solutions – rather than our own.

  • We are consulting-oriented rather than product-oriented by choice
  • Our goal is to help others do what they do – better!

Leadership Team

John Skordas


John Skordas has spent many years working in the Mission Discovery and Leadership Consulting Business. He’s a serial Entrepreneur who has developed businesses from scratch within large companies and as an owner/leader in small businesses. As the Founder, John is driven by advising his clients towards outcomes which exceed their expectations. eureka! In his spare time - John enjoys spending time and traveling with his wife and two daughters, enjoying a wide and eclectic range of music, supporting causes and charities that support the local community and his love and support for the local Sports teams.

Mike O’Connor


Mike O’Connor has spent his career working and leading Cyber and Discovery missions. From military service to private sector, Mike has brought a mission-focused approach to working, developing and leading mission operations and business at many levels. As eureka’s Intel Cyber Services Lead, Mike is committed and driven to helping clients work and solve their toughest mission challenges -- that’s the goal of eureka! In his spare time - Mike enjoys his Boston sports’ teams, taking trips with his wife to fun places, a good round of golf, supporting causes and charities that support the local community and spending time with his daughters and their families.