Our Mission Discovery Consulting requires focused experts to support a wide variety of different roles, to include, but not limited to the following opportunities:

Software Developer/Engineer

Requires any one or combination of Java, C, C++, Scala, and Python. Windows and/or Unix/Linux experience required. Preferred experience: x86 and x64 programming, VMware, git, and Agile/Scrum. CNO programming experience, while not a requirement, is highly desired

Embedded Developer

Requires design, development, integration and testing for complex embedded systems, C, C++, Python, Assembly programming in embedded OS environments. Knowledge of embedded OS internals, git, CI/CD workflow, and Agile. Understanding of network protocols and standards, and the software development cycle. Reverse engineering experience preferred

CNO Tool Developer

Requires extensive experience in C/C++ programming in a Windows environment; Socket programming knowledge; multi-thread programming knowledge of Windows and/or Linux APIs; proficient in debugging Windows user mode components with exposure to debugging kernel mode components; experience in writing Windows device drivers; Windows internals knowledge; exposure to x86 or x64 assembly, and experience in binary analysis

Reverse Engineer

Requires familiarity with reverse engineering environments such as IDA Pro, OllyDbug, or Ghidra. Must be proficient on low-level languages such as Assembly, C, C++; possess knowledge of PE and ELF binary formats; protocol analysis, TCP/IP and other networking technologies; ability to identify and work with potentially obfuscated and packed binary code

Systems Engineer

Requires in-depth knowledge of customer processing needs, processing equipment, data flows, data formats, metadata, metrics and databases; possess the ability to adapt to new system requirements and components; strong troubleshooting skills to identify problems and creativity in developing solutions are essential; positions may include designing, integrating and testing systems before deployment, optimizing operational characteristics of the system, troubleshooting systems problems and proposing solutions

Network Engineer

Requires a strong background in evaluating, designing, assembling, and monitoring medium to large-scale IP networks; possess the ability to interpret, modify and test configurations for network devices from multiple vendors; requires troubleshooting interface problems between network and customer equipment; strong knowledge and interest of next generation networks is a must

Digital Network Exploitation Analyst

Requires a multi-disciplinary approach to the analytic mission, applying IT network knowledge and target understanding to establish environmental awareness; solid understanding of OSI and TCP/IP models in relation to network devices and protocols; experience with common network management protocols – including routing and switching – to understand and map networks; knowledge of enterprise, service provider, and cloud architectures; focus on NextGen networks and technologies in constantly evolving telecommunications networks

Target Digital Network Analyst

Requires an ability to conduct advanced analysis of collection and open-source data to generate insights and leads, ensure target continuity, profile targets and their activities, and develop techniques to gain additional target information. Must have knowledge of collection systems, DNI/DNR disciplines, AMOD tools and databases, and be able to produce finished intelligence. A TDNA must also be adept at identifying intelligence gaps to tailor current collection or enable new collection to close gaps; employ multiple analysis disciplines such as pattern recognition against targets’ communications, network usage and digital footprints; and apply knowledge and understanding of IC needs and missions, as well as the targets’ culture, behaviors, and communications technologies

Computer Network Defense Analyst

Requires an understanding of intrusion detection analysis; understanding of adversarial hacking methods and capabilities; knowledge of current and cutting edge techniques in order to discover previously unknown adversaries; ability to create and implement mitigation plans against adversarial activity; experience with use of scripting to manipulate and extract information from large/complicated data sets; ability to extract useful information by performing simple malware analysis and triage; proficient use and understanding of specific defensive tools, tradecraft and databases

Exploitation Analyst

Requires extensive knowledge of the entire OSI model; understanding of network-related protocols; understanding of multiple operating systems beyond Windows and Linux; understanding and use of CNO tools and databases; application of CNO techniques and models in working mission; ability to work with technical operators in translating tasks and/or objectives to technical requirements and actions is required

Data Scientist

Requires strong understanding of statistical analysis and mathematical analysis; any one combination of Python or R; knowledge and understanding of data modeling and visualization; understanding of graph theory, and application of graph database and modeling; and able to develop cloud analytics and machine learning algorithms. Must be able to communicate effectively with customers, understand requirements and translate necessary features into a model and explain model results. Prefer experience with feature engineering, data cleaning, handling of categorical data; building models with neural networks; and proficiency of tools, tradecraft, and databases

Our Promise

eureka offers a highly competitive total compensation package and a focus on providing our employees with the flexibility to strive for the ideal work/life balance as well as numerous social activities and support to charitable pursuits

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